Turtle Rock Contest

Hello from Kelly at Think Turtle Conservation Initiative

With it being the time of year many people are gardening and spending more time in their backyards we thought it is a great time when you are not out and about helping turtles or other wildlife to do some rock painting. Better yet some turtle rock painting!

Join in the fun as we kick off another ‘TURTLE ROCK‘ painting contest!

Painting Rocks
The size of the rocks you paint is your choice. It is important to wash/scrub the rocks and allow them to dry prior to painting. This will ensure the rocks are rid of any debris that may prevent your paint from adhering properly. The rocks you use can be painted with acrylic paints or paint markers or similar such medium you chose to represent the contest theme. If your finished turtle rock is to be incorporated into your garden/backyard it is recommended you use an exterior sealant so they will be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Applying a glossy sealant also makes the colors pop and truly adds that appealing finishing touch.

TURTLE ROCK’ Official Contest Rules

(1) CONTEST PERIOD: The contest begins on Sunday May 23, 2021 and ends on Sunday May 30, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM.

(2) ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to youth and adults of all ages residing in Ontario except representatives, family, prize suppliers, advertising and promotion agencies affiliated with Think Turtle Conservation Initiative.

(3) ENTRY FEE: There is ‘No Entry Fee’ and ‘No Purchase Necessary’ to enter this contest or be eligible to be selected as a contest winner.

(4) PRIZES & RETAIL VALUE: There will be ‘4’ prizes issued each consisting of a Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Gift Certificate (OTCC), in the amount of $25.

(5a) PRIZE CATEGORIES: Group A 17 years old & Younger

Judges Favorite Rock! … 1st Prize $25 OTCC Gift Certificate
Judges Love This Rock As Well! … 2nd Prize $25 OTCC Gift Certificate
Judges Turtley Awesome Pick! … 3rd Prize Folkmanis Turtle With Turtleneck Hand Puppet

(5b) PRIZE CATEGORIES: Group B 18 years old & Over

Judges Favorite Rock! … 1st Prize $25 OTCC Gift Certificate
Judges Love This Rock As Well! … 2nd Prize $25 OTCC Gift Certificate

(6) HOW TO ENTER: To be eligible to be selected as a ‘prize winner’ in Group A or Group B each participants must submit a photo of their painted turtle rock preferrably in a natural setting eg. on the grass or in a garden. Submissions can be sent via Facebook or e-mail thinkturtle@yahoo.com by midnight on Sunday May 30th. Please include the age group the turtle rock submission is for (A) 17 years and younger or (B) 18 years and older. One entry per person. By entering this contest, participants agree to abide by the Official Contest Rules.
Note: Think Turtle will be sharing the painted turtle rock photos after May 30th but will ‘not’ be sharing contest participants names. When you submit your photo include a name or title for your painted turtle rock creation.

(7) JUDGES: The two contest winners for each group will be selected by a panel of three judges. The judges that will be participating are not directly affiliated with Think Turtle Conservation Initiative. They each embrace the spirit of this contest as being one that encourages creativity and fun and have a deep rooted concern for the Ontario turtles!

(8) CONTEST JUDGING: The painted rocks will ‘not’ be judged on artistic merit. Please know that you do not need to be a Picaso to paint rocks or enter this contest. Each painted turtle rock will be judged on it’s overall appeal and interpretation of the theme.

(9) OFFICIAL STUFF: Before officially being declared a winner, each selected winner from Group A and Group B will be contacted and required to answer an age appropriate turtley mathematical skill-testing question without mechanical or other aid. This is an official contest requirement, nothing to stress about, promise

(10) CONTEST WINNERS: The selected turtle rock contest winners will be announced before the close of day on Monday May 31, 2021. The winners will be featured in a special tribute post shared via the Think Turtle Conservation Initiative Facebook group and shared extensively. Note: The other turtle rock contest submissions received will be assembled in a post as well and shared.

(11) WINNER NOTIFICATION: The prize for each of the four conest winners will be mailed to the residential address they each supply to Think Turtle Conservation Initiative when the winner is officially declared they are a prize winner. The Prize must be accepted as awarded without substitution, is not transferable and has no cash surrender value.


The ‘TURTLE ROCK’ Painting Contest is hosted by Think Turtle Conservation Initiative. Facebook is not connected to the sponsorship and/or administration of this contest.

This contest is in accordance with the Competition Bureau Canada, Promotional Contests Section 74.06 of the Competition Act, Enforcement guidelines, October 16, 2009.
Prize Value: $100 Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Gift Certificates & $25 Folkmanis Hand Puppet
Regional Allocation: Ontario
Chances of Winning: Dependent on the number of painted turtle rock contest entries received.
Series of Prizes: N/A, Early Bird Prizes: N/A, Disclosure at Point of Sale: N/A

Think Turtle Conservation Initiative, 29 Bay Lake Road, L’amable, Ontario, K0L 2L0


Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

Did you know Ontario has a Turtle Hospital? If you find an injured turtle anywhere in Ontario please contact the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC) home of Ontario’s turtle hospital at 705-741-5000. The OTCC is the only wildlife rehabilitation centre dedicated ‘SOLEY’ to providing medical and rehabilitative care to the turtle species native to Ontario. Once treated and rehabilitated the turtles are released back into their natural habitat at the point of origin. The OTCC provides medical care at ‘no charge’ and have turtle taxi volunteers to assist with transportation from anywhere in Ontario. For more information http://www.ontarioturtle.ca

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share this post with family, friends and associates and ask them to do the same.

Please remind everyone you are in touch with to be mindful of the turtles and other wildlife we share the roads with. We can expect to see increased turtle road crossings now until approximately mid-July after which time turtle road crossings will not be as prevalent during the hot summer temperatures.

Take care and stay safe!

Kindest Regards,
Kelly Wallace, Managing Director
Think Turtle Conservation Initiative
Cell/Text: 647-606-9537
E-mail: thinkturtle@yahoo.com
Facebook: thinkturtleci
Username: Wallace Kathleen Kelly
Facebook Post: #675

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